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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thank You

Hello, thank you for taking time and visiting my blog. Time has passed, events happen, life takes course. This site was created with intention to inform others with valuable knowledge. My ability to quickly learn automatics  gave me interest to pursue a career in automotive repair. I will need to see how I can pay for my education, it's going to be a hard working process and sacrifice but it will be worth it in the end. As I learn new concepts and conduct many experiments, I will post more information to share. It would be similar to a diary, tracking my progress, it's a blog. :-)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hello. I want to say thank you for your time and visiting my page. I created this blog to help people save both money and gas. In my site you can learn about general mechanics, driving tips and saving money and the environment. Instead of going to a mechanic, you can fix it yourself and save yourself time and money. Ive been away from this site for quite some time due to life. Its funny how moments are created. My car was wrecked, beyond repair, worst of all I didn't get the chance to destroy my own car. I let my "friend" borrow my car and calls me that he crashed my car. I knew he wasn't going to give me a penny, and the part that made me sad was that I didn't even get a phone call.  I waited and waited nothing. I also had to pay for towing fees :( . I felt that they were indebted to me for destroying my property. I was to told to forgive them, and I did, I forgave them. I learned my lesson and it cost me months of work to get back on track. I bought another Eclipse, it is a 1999 Eclipse Spyder GS with very low miles. The car needs mechanical attention because  the maintenance was neglected from the previous owner. In time I will eventually build a solid reliable car. Working on cars gave to chance to work on some problems this car had and bring it alive from the dead. The car  needs a water pump, radiator, motor mounts, a transmission and all the belts. Life is good. I have a job and a car, I can help myself and others as well. Its a great feeling when you need help in desperate moments and people listen to you and your get help. After two years, I had the 99 eclipse, it was fun and reliable. Thank you for your time. I will update and edit the bogs when I have time.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Coasting is going to be your new best friend, if you are looking to save additional money on gas. When I drive in the city, I try my best to anticipate the traffic lights. If I see a red light, there is no point of accelerating and having to come to a complete stop, instead I coast and minimize the time I come to a complete stop. If I time myself and the lights correctly,  I will coast and not have to come to a complete stop. By using the coasting method, I lower my chances of having to make a complete stop. By the time I reach the traffic light, it usually changes green and I accelerate lightly to the speed limit. Whats better; going from 0-40mph or 25-40mph? 25-40!!! Be careful, because drivers may not know your intentions, they may not understand what you're trying to perform, you might get honked at. So check your rear view mirrors when coasting. Each time you press the accelerator you waste gas to move your car, braking  just destroys that effort that was created and most important your money.


Idling is one of the worst enemies for a modern vehicle and it will cost you. Ever heard of having to warm up a car when its cold? That was true for carburetor engines, but not so true for modern fuel injected engines. Now fuel injected engines get hot pretty quickly and are ready to use seconds after a start-up. On a cold morning, you can let the engine idle for 30 seconds, any prolonged time is just a waste of gas. The best way to warm up the engine is to just drive it, this way it will get hotter quicker and the heat is distributed equally along the motor.

When coming to a stop, your car is getting  0 mpg, that's right ZERO!. Drive-trues are also gas wasters, its is better to go inside and order your food.  IF you're waiting in your car for more than a minute, turn the car off, its a waste of gas. In my quest to save money on my gas, I avoid drive-trues, unnecessary warm-ups when the engine is cold, I turn off the ignition when i stop on red lights and only if I know that I am going to be there for more than a minute. In other words, I anticipate how long I'm going to be at that stop and if its worth it to turn of the ignition. Turning off the car while coming to a stop is an advanced driving method. Turning off the car will disable your power steering, due so with caution and at your own risk. Saving gas even means turning off the car once in a while. How do it? Read the next post.